Industria Glass is a leading manufacturer of Glass an Aluminium products in South Africa

We are dedicated to supplying our cients with a brand-new and unique products that will exceed their expectations.

Keeping up with the latest technology our design team incorporates our versatile Glass and aluminium products into the most elegant Architectural ideas meeting modern design requirements in Solar, Structural and Facade glazing.


Aluminium and Glass is custom designed and manufactured to the unique requirments for each project.

We enclose a list of landmark “Design and Supply” projects succesfully completed

Product Range

A wide selection of  beaded, flush, pressure and unitized framing systems allow for glazing with all types of glass including annealed, laminated, solar and double (insulated) glazing.

Glass and framing systems are designed and manufactured to the Client requirements for:

  • Security and safety ( laminated and multi laminates)
  • Sound Control
  • Shading (tinted glass)
  • Solar Control (coated, Low E and insulated glass)
  • Esthetics (mirrored, coloured and patterned glass)
  • Photovoltaic Glass (energy generating glass)

Feel free to download our portfolio below